How are the Economist Conferences and the Economist Intelligence Unit related to The Economist newspaper?
All three companies belong to the Economist Group. They are autonomous and independent regarding their activities, but what ties them together is the objectivity of their opinion, the originality of their insight and their advocacy of economic and political freedom around the world. Economist Conferences are being chaired by editors from The Economist newspaper and analysts from the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Whom shall one contact regarding an Economist Conference taking place either in Greece or in Cyprus?
Hazlis & Rivas Co. Ltd, the official representative of the Economist Conferences for Greece & Cyprus, who holds the responsibility for all matters regarding an Economist event in the region.

What is the official language of the Economist Conferences in Greece & Cyprus?
Each speaker uses his native language. Simultaneous translation from Greek to English and/or other languages and vice versa is provided throughout all our conferences.

Who do usually participate in an Economist Conference?
Senior executives from the public and private sector, their advisors and support staff, bankers, businessmen, academicians, diplomats and members of the press.

What are the benefits of participating in an Economist Conference?

  • Economist Conferences is the leading provider of highly interactive meetings for senior executives seeking new insights into important strategic issues.
  • Participants exchange views and compare experiences with other decision-makers and with specialist speakers from relevant fields.
  • Participants have the opportunity to make one-to-one meetings with each other and thus, broaden the circle of their acquaintances.

How does a company benefit from participating as a sponsor at an Economist Conference?

  • The Economist Conferences´ sponsors are associated with the global prestige of the Economist brand name
  • Furthermore, we promote our sponsors globally and we bring them close to decision-makers from the fields of politics, business, economics and culture
  • We offer benefits that widely promote the sponsor to the target groups of his interest
  • Hazlis & Rivas brings together the most important people from every field of business


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