New opportunities, new occupations, new trends in employment, changes of unimaginable speed are in almost all areas of today’s technology driven world confronting us with important questions on the future workplace.

What are the new trends shaping the future workplace?
Upgrading skills in a world of transition: Are businesses averse to spending money on their employees reskilling?
Brain Drain: Why isn’t it draining away?
Diversity in the workplace: Good business is about people, not revenue
Is the Greek educational system ready to adapt to these changes??
Shining stars and the role of the media

All these compelling issues and more will be debated at the forthcoming Third Annual Economist Youth Summit entitled “THE FUTURE WORKPLACE: THE NEW JOBS – THE NEW SKILLS” aiming to create a “think tank” for young people and for all those in the public and private sector. Government, business leaders and academia will once again be given the opportunity to brainstorm and put forward proposals for the way forward.

Join us for our Annual 3rd Youth Summit scheduled to take place on March 11th, 2020 at the Athinais Cultural Center.

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