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Beyond a doubt, the impressive technological achievements of the Third and Fourth Industrial Revolutions and the digitalization of the world as we have known it, have led us to a fascinating Cyber Era, inclusive of new challenges as well as threats. 

Government, business, academia and people as a whole have benefited from the rapid evolution of technology. Remote access to numerous services, instant communication, automation of procedures, information proceeding and storage are but a few of the many aspects that lead to economic growth and the improvement of quality of life for populations around the world.

We do, however, live in an era of Cyber insecurity. The increasing opportunities come along with various challenges: vulnerable systems, data safety and protection, cybercrime and hackers. Governments and business need a coherent strategy to provide a secure cyber environment and use this transformation for the benefit of society.

The Economist Events are proud to announce the organisation of a special event on March 18th 2019, entitled "Taking Cybersphere to the Next Level: A peek into the future boardroom". Register today and benefit from our early bird rates.

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